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Earn from anywhere supporting families with Guardians Collective.
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You have the working knowledge parents value

Facilitate a small, text-based circle of parents with children in the age group you know best and get paid for helping more children and more families succeed.

Help families thrive
Earn an average of $780 a month* guiding parents through the challenges to reach the bright spots
Use your expertise
Support small circles
of parents with young
children in the age group
you know best
Enjoy flexible work
Work part time whenever
and whever is convenient for you on our text-based platform
* Based on average facilitator working hours of 6-12 hours per week

How you support families with Guardians Collective

When parents have questions...
review other parents’ suggestions, offer guidance from your experience, or share resources.
When parents feel overwhelmed...
host a supportive conversation and provide parents the reassurance they need.
When you’re with your kids...
share curated activities from our library to help families play and grow together.
When you have questions...
tap into our educator resources or connect with hundreds of other Guardians Collective educators.
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“Guardians Collective helps me help families far away from where I am located.” 
“I usually work with 4 families, Guardians Collective lets me work with way more families than I could ever work with at home.” 
“I have the advantage and skills of having seen hundreds of kids over the last 10 years. It allows me to help families with their first.” 
“I can now make money because of my experience during off hours while being with my own family.” 
1 week
for your application to be reviewed
minimum rate received by all educators
2 years
average length of time educators have worked with Guardians Collective
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