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Hey Parents,
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Things have been crazy lately and we want to help.
Guardians Collective is on a mission to make first time parenting less isolating and more collaborative. We create private, secure online spaces for groups of parents and early childhood educators to collaborate.

No question too big or too small. Just a group of fellow parents and an educator who get it. All in a small, private, chat-based space.

Here's what you get

The Space.

An online oasis built with care. One that values your privacy and is designed as an easy way for you to collaborate with experts and a crew of handpicked families.

No ads, no data sharing, no trolls

The Team.

Join 3 other vetted families, raising kids nearly identical in age to your little one.

Peeps that get it and live it.

The Experts.

Chat with your dedicated early childhood development expert, access their playbook. Ask them anything.

No question too big or too small.

The Play.

Just the right creative play ideas, delivered daily, that don’t require a long list of specialty toys.

Learning experiences that become cherished memories.

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Hear from our members

"It's like AMA with a badass teacher and 3 other families who are also dealing with shit every day." - Father of John (2 years)

"It's like getting your own Mr. Rogers and a neighborhood that lives in your phone." - Mother of Sharron (3.5 years)

“The daily check-ins were a game-changer. To be reassured by other parents and most importantly by the educator that you are in fact doing right by your kid is precious. I sleep better because of it.” - Father of Joe (3 years)

" We used to spend quite a bit of time finding the right toys, books, videos etc. for Jacob. But now we leave that to teachers who do that for a living" - Mother of Jacob (3 years)