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Educator-led parenting circles for the highs, the lows and everything in between.
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Parenting can feel relentless – early mornings and late nights, tantrums and colds. But, when they take their first step, learn a new word, or just look up at us and smile, we forget all the challenges and are amazed by them.

Whether midday or midnight, issues big or small, with the Guardian’s Collective app the information and support you need to overcome the challenges and reach the bright spots is only a text away. 

Small peer circles
Join a circle of 3 other
families with children of
similar ages
Professional guidance
Access the experience of an early childhood educator guiding each circle

Activities to grow
Enjoy curated activities for you and your child that don’t require special toys

How Guardians Collective works

When you have questions...
an anonymous, secure text group with an educator and other families to give you the answers you need
When you feel overwhelmed...
connection with other families experiencing the same challenges and thousands of data points so you can know your child is okay
When you’re with your kids...
the freedom to be fully present in whatyou are sharing together because you havethe support to be your best for them

Starting at $30 a month

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“We used to spend quite a bit of time finding the right toys, books, videos etc. for Jacob. But now we leave that to teachers who do that for a living.”
Jacob’s Mom (3 years)
“It’s like getting your own Mr. Rogers and a neighborhood that lives in your phone.” 
Sharron’s Mom (3.5 years)
“The daily check-ins were a game-changer. To be reassured by other parents and most importantly by the educator that you are in fact doing right by your kid is precious. I sleep better because of it.”
Joe’s Father (2 years)
“It feels like the teachers are mindreader. They can read in between the lines, understand our challenges in ways that many don't. I don't know how they do it. How they find the perfect ideas for what we are experiencing with Misha.”
Misha's Dad (2-year-old)

Guardians Collective is here for your family

messages shared by
parents and educators in Guardians Collective circles
families from New York City to the Navajo nation supported by Guardians Collective
 average years of experience Guardian's Collective educators have helping children grow
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