Our Story

It all started with a few fundamental questions: could families from very different parts of a city connect and support each other in their parenting journeys, if we created a digital safe space for them? Could communities that seem to have no common ground find kinship in their shared parenting experience? Or was the traditional model of school and daycare, the only way parents and teachers could meet and work together?

And so it began, 15 families from one part of San Francisco and 15 from another started texting with teachers and one another, every day using the Guardians Collective. At first, day-to-day details dominated the texts: the best strategies for getting their kids to try different types of foods or the best videos and songs for kids on YouTube. Then slowly, the discussions became more intimate. Families that had never met each other in person and had only texted, were watching their children grow, together. Over time, these families that had started out so far apart were now close friends.

Which brings us today and our continued mission: to eliminate early learning gaps and erase institutionalized boundaries by harnessing the power of dialogue through mobile technology. Our primary aim is to create communities between parents and early educators that extend beyond the home, the school, and their neighborhoods. Thanks for being a part of our journey.